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Thirteen times!

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Q: How many world series did berra play in?
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Who was the first player to get an unassisted triple play in the World Series?

Yogi Berra

In how many World Series games did Mickey Mantle play?

Mickey played in 65 World Series games which ranks second all-time behind Yogi Berra's 75.

Who was the first player to play in 75 World Series games?

Yogi Berra of the New York Yankees.

What New York Yankee had 2221 hits in his career counting regular season games and World Series play?

Yogi Berra

What NHL team does Reto Berra play for?

Reto Berra plays for the Colorado Avalanche.

What position does Reto Berra play?

Reto Berra plays goalie for the Colorado Avalanche.

How many World Series games did Mickey Mantle play in his career?

65 World Series GamesMickey Mantle appeared in 12 World Series and played in 65 World Series games

Why did Yogi Berra get fired from the New York Yankees?

Berra was hired by the Yankees as their manager after his playing career ended with the 1963 World Series. In August 1964, there was an incident on the team's bus after a loss when infielder Phil Linz played his harmonica. Berra ordered him to stop but, being seated on the other side of the bus Linz couldn't hear him and Mickey Mantle told Linz that Berra said to play louder. Linz did so and Berra slapped the harmonica out of his hands. All was forgotten and the Yankees rode a September surge to go to the World Series, but they lost to the Cardinals in seven games. Berra was fired. It was later learned that GM Ralph Houk was ready to fire Berra midseason, since he had no control over the team. Berra returned to the Yankees to manage the 1984 season, agreeing to staying for the 1985 season after being assured he wouldn't be fired. The impatient Steinbrenner did fire Berra, though, after the 16th game of the season

How many World Series did the Boston redsox play in?

The Red Sox played in 11 World Series, and won 7.

Yankees World Series how many games do they have to play?

First team to win 4 out of 7 wins the world series

How many World Series did the New York Yankees play in?


How many world series games did Babe Ruth play in?


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