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Babe Ruth Pitched In 17 World Series Games Throughout His Career

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Q: How many world seres game did Babe Ruth pitch in?
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What was the earned run average for Babe Ruth in 1932?

Babe Ruth did not pitch in 1932.

How many games were no-hitters that Babe Ruth pitch?


How is Babe Ruth different from other people?

Babe Ruth was, in his lifetime, the most famous baseball player in the world.

Who does the Babe Ruth Award go to?

The Babe Ruth Award goes to the World Series most valuable player.

Did babe Ruth say if you can see a hummingbirds wings you can hit any pitch?


What was famous about the home run Babe Ruth hit off of Charlie Root in the 1932 World Series?

That was when Babe Ruth allegedly pointed to the bleachers and predicted he would hit a home run. Charlie Root said that Ruth did not point there, because he would have hit him with the next pitch if he did.

What player has hit most home runs in World Series in at least 100 at bats?

Babe Ruth.

What was Babe Ruth's ERA in the 1916 World Series?

Pitching for the Boston Red Sox in the 1916 World Series, Babe Ruth's ERA was .87. This is amazing.

Who is the best player in the world of baseball?

Babe Ruth

Who won the Babe Ruth Award in 2004?

The Babe Ruth Award was discontinued after the 2002 World Series.

What was Babe Ruth's ethnicity?

Babe Ruth is black

The Babe's name?

George Herman Ruth.... aka "Babe Ruth" or "The Babe."