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Zero. The Chicago Blackhawks have never played for the World Cup.

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Q: How many world cups have the Chicago Blackhawks won in history?
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How many stanely cups does Chicago Blackhawks have?


How many Stanley Cups have the Chicago Blackhawks won in the past 30 years?

1. The Chicago Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup in the 2009-2010 season.

How many Stanley cups has cristobel huet won?

1 cup with the Chicago Blackhawks.

How many Stanley cups blackhawks?


How many Stanley cups did the Detroit Red Wings win in 1961?

0. The Chicago Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup that year, defeating the Red Wings in 6 games.

What country won more world cups in history?

Brazil have won a record five world cups.

Chicago Blackhawks forward and former wolverine John Madden won his third Stanley cup in 2010 how many other wolverines have won three or more Stanley cups in their career?


How many cups does chigago blackhawks have?

They have won the Stanley Cup three times.

How many Stanley cups have the blackhawks been to?

they have been to only one Stanley cup

How many cups total in history has Germany won?

Germany have won three world cups.

How many times did the Chicago cups win the World Series?

twice in 1907 and 1908

Witch team is the best team in the NHL?

As of now, the Chicago Blackhawks. They just won a cup and their roster tells it all. Toews, Keith, Sharp, Kane, and Hossa are all amazing players, and they will probably walk home with another cup soon. If your talking historically, then the Montreal Canadians. The Montreal Canadians have won 26 Stanley Cups in their whole history, and had over 16 Stanley Cups in the last 50 years, which really impressive.