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Q: How many world cups have Brazil rugby team won?
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How many World Cups do Brazil have?

Brazil have won five world cups one more then Italy.

Which country have won the world cups the most times and how many?

Brazil (5 world cups)

How many World Cups have Brazil Attended?


How many world cups did Brazil's team win?


How many fife world cups has Brazil won?


How many times has Brazil featured in the world cup?

Brazil has been in every 16 world cups that were held.

How many countries has participated in all world cups?

The only country that has participated in ALL of the world cups is Brazil.

How many World Cups have brazill won?

Brazil have won the most world cups 5 in all.Italy have fur.

How many times Brazil reach World cup in football?

Brazil is the only team that has played in all world cups

In how many rugby world cups has New Zealand been a semi-finalist?


How many world cups have the woman's Brazil soccer team won?

Brazil played in every world cup.

How many appearances has Brazil had in the World Cup?

Brazil has participated in every World Cup so far. There have been 18 World Cups as of now.