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He played 4 world cups.

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Q: How many world cups has the Brazilian ronaldo played in?
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How many goals did the Brazilian ronaldo score?

The Brazilian Ronaldo has scored 15 goals in the world cups he has played.

Which player played in 3 world cup finals?

It is the Brazilian Ronaldo Lima 1998, 2002, and 2006 world cups.

How many gaols did ronaldo score in the world cup games he played?

The Brazilian Ronaldo has scored 15 goals in his world cups, the most by any one in the world cup history.

How many World Cups has ronaldo won?

Ronaldo the Portugal striker has not won a world cup. But the Brazilian Ronaldo won it in 2002.

Who is soccer world cups leading goalscorer?

It is the Brazilian Ronaldo with 15 goals.

Who did play the highest number of world cups till now?

It is a Brazilian Ronaldo.

Which players have scored at three different FIFA world cups?

Ronaldo the Brazilian striker has scored in all his world cups from 1998 to 2006.

Which football player was only the 21st player to score in 3 world cups?

It is the Brazilian ronaldo.

Ronaldo brasil appearances in World Cup?

The Brazilian Rolando has scored 15 goals in 4 world cups.

Who has played in four different World Cups?

The Brazilians Cafu and Ronaldo have played four world cups.

Who has scored in the most football world cups?

The Brazilian ronaldo Lima has scored the most goals 15.

Who is the only Italian player have scored in three different world cups?

I doubt it is a Italian, then it is Roberto Baggio,or the Brazilian Ronaldo Lima.

Has any football player played in 4 world cup's of Soccer?

The Brazilian footballers, and both defenders Roberto Carlos and Cafu , played in 4 , four world cups that is 1994,1998, 2002 and 2006.World cups.

How many World Cups has he won with the Brazilian team?

The Brazilian futbol team has won 5 World Cups! In 2006, they lost to France.

Highest goalscorer personally for a country in all the World Cups they've played?

It is Ronaldo Lima with 15 goals.

Did ronaldo play the world cup?

Yes, Ronaldo has played in several world cups. However, Portugal has never won the world cup yet even with him although their confidence may be boosted after their recent victory at the Euro 2016.

Christiano Ronaldo has won how many soccer world cups?

Christiano Ronaldo has yet to win a world cup.

How most goals that ronaldo score in the soccer world cup?

Ronaldo scored 15 goals during World Cups.

Who is the top goal scorer of a world cup?

The all-time topscorer is Luiz Ronaldo de Nazario, the buck-toothed Brazilian goal-scoring machine nicknamed O Fenomeno (the Phenomenon). At the 2006 world cup in Germany, he overtook German legend Gerd Muller's impressive tally of 14 goals, scoring his 15th goal of the 3 World Cups he has played in.

Which player has scored the highest number of international goals in World Cup football?

Brazilian Striker ''Ronaldo'' scored 15 goals in 3 World Cups (1998-2006) Frenchman Just Fontaine holds the record for most goals in a single tournament, with 13 goals.

Who has scored the most goals in world cups?

Ronaldo of Brazil.

How many world cups has Cristiano Ronaldo won?

well that would be zero

How many goals did ronaldo did in the FIFA World Cups?

Ronaldo scored just one goal in the 2010 world cup, it was against North Korea.

Has Cristiano Ronaldo won any world cups?

No he has not won any world cup.

Which non Brazilian soccer players have won 2 FIFA world cups?

It was a IOtalian footballer who won the 1934 and 1938 world cups.