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Q: How many world cups did Manchester United play?
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How many cups have Manchester United?

Manchester United have won 60 titles, 11 of which were FA Cups.

How many World Cup did Manchester win?

As Manchester United is a club and not a country it can not win any world cups at all.

How many FA cups has Manchester united won?

Manchester United have won 11 FA cups in total.

How many cups has Ryan Giggs won for Manchester United?

As of February, 2011 he has won 33 cups, both domestic and international, with Manchester United.

How many cups have Manchester united won?


How many cups did Manchester united win?


How many time did Manchester United win cups?

18 premier league cups but this year 19

How many cup Manchester United have?

19 premiership cups

How many cups has Manchester United won in history?


How many league cups have Manchester united won?


How many UEFA cups has Manchester United won?

They have not won it.

How many cups have manu won in epl?

Manchester United have won 18 E.P.L. cups.

How many f a cups have been won by Manchester united?


How many cups did Manchester city won?

-23 compared to united

How many cups Manchester united has won since they were found?


How many European cups have Liverpool FC and Manchester United FC won between them?

8 - Liverpool 5 Manchester United 3

How many champions league cups did Manchester united win?

Manchester United have won the champion league three times 1968, 1999 and 2008.

How many champians league cups have Manchester united won?

3 times

How many league cups have alex Ferguson won with Manchester united?

i think that it is 19

How many f a cups did sir alex ferguson win with manchester united?


How many currently fans Manchester united?

As Manchester United is the club with the biggest fan base , the fans will be in millions , that is world wide.

How many championship cups has sir alex Ferguson won under Manchester united?

Two cup

How many Champion League Cups did Manchester United win?

They have only won three champion's league.

How many Manchester united fans in the world?

659 million.

How many people like Manchester united?

41% of the world