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Mexico have not yet won a single world cup till today.

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Q: How many world cup titles has Mexico won?
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How many world cup titles does Peru have?


How many times has Mexico won the football world cup?

Mexico has never won the FIFA World Cup.

How Many Times Has Mexico's Soccer team won the fifa world cup?

Mexico have never won the World Cup.

How many world cup did Mexico won?

Sadly Mexico have yet to win a world cup still.

How many world cup soccer titles has Australia won?


How many cricket world cup titles has the West Indies won?


How many world titles do England have?

England won only one world cup in 1966.

How many times have Mexico been in the world cup?

They have been in the FIFA world cup 4 times

How many times has Mexico won the wold cup?

Mexico has never won the world cup even though it has hoisted it.

How many times did Italy win the World Cup?

They won four titles in soccer.

How many nations have won multiple world cup Titles?

Brazil and Italy and germany.

How many titles has englands football team ever won?

1 world cup