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Q: How many world championships did Fred Whitfield win?
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How many colts championship?

World/NFL Championships/Superbowls-4 Conference championships-6

How many world heavy weight championships has John Cena won?

john cena has won 2 world heavyweight championships

How many Formula 1 World Championships has Williams won?

The Williams Formula 1 Team has won 9 World Championships

How many world cup championships does Italy have?


How many athletes in the IAAF world championships?


How many world championships do the LA lakers have?


How many World Championships did Mike Hailwood Win?

Mike Hialwood has won 9 Motorcycling Championships.

How many World Series championships have the Philadelphia Phillies won?

The Philadelphia Phillies have won two World Series championships.1980 and 2008

How many world championships does green bay have?

none - as the nfl is not open to any other countries so it cannot be called world championships,

How many chapmionships have the A's won?

They have won 9 World Series championships and 15 American League championships.

How many Formula one championships did Michael Schumacer win?

He won 8 championships in total, which is a world record

How many kids does fredricka Whitfield have?

fredricka Whitfield has 3 children