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Approximately 4

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Q: How many wooden golf tees are made a year?
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How many golf tees are in a 18 oz jar?

Depends on the size of the golf tees.

What is a golf tee usually made of?

Golf tees are usually made of wood or plastic and are used to hold the golf ball stationary before the first shot is made. 3000 golf tees can be made from 1 tree trunk.

What is the purpose of different colored tees?

The colored tees are purely decorative. The unpainted natural wooden ones are preferred by most golf courses for decomposition reasons.

How many tees are on the golf field?

18...people keep extra tees in their golf bags though...but there are 18 ON the golf you call it.

Where can one purchase personalized golf tees in a traditional store?

There are a few stores that offer printing of personalized golf tees. One purchase personalized tees from 'The Golf Tee Store', 'Golf Tees Etc' and 'Golfers Shop Here'.

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How many golf tees in 2 cubic feet?


What is made from plastic extrusion?

All sorts of products - from golf tees to car parts !

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