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None. The women's equivalent of the Davis Cup is called the Fed Cup.

The Davis Cup is a "Men Only" event; the women play the Federation Cup - now a title shortened to "The Fed Cup".

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Q: How many women play on Davis Cup tennis team?
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How many women are allowed to play on a Davis Cup tennis team?

None. The women's equivalent of the Davis Cup is called the Fed Cup.

How many guys play tennis?

Many men play tennis, it is a popular sport among both men and women.

In which sport does Australia play for the Davis Cup?

Tennis - men's tennis.

Do men and women play tennis?

Yes of course. There are so many women tennis players like Sania Mirza.

How many tennis games do professional women tennis players play in a year?

the average professional women tennis player plays about 23 games in a year.

How many women play tennis?

There are hundreds of women player in the tennis league, but the most popular people there is like only 40 people.

Which sport do people play for the Davis cup?

Men's Tennis

What sport do women play for federation cup?

I think its tennis there maybe other sports but i think women play fed cups for tennis. by jerry.

What sports did women play in the 1920's?

They will play Tennis

Is tennis played by men and woman?

yes. but women cant play men. women play women and men play men

Do men and women play table tennis?

Yes, table tennis is a unisex sport

What do Australian women play in the federation cup?

== == The answer is Tennis.

How many sets consist in a tennis match?

Men's you play best 3 of 5 and in women's you play best 2 of 3

When were women allowed to play lawn tennis?

in the 1900's

What female has won the most Grand Slams in men's tennis?

er - women do not play men's tennis

How many women allowed to play on Davis cup tennis team?

None - the women's tennis equivalent is the Fed Cup.

How many tennis balls are in play in a tennis match?


When the girls can play Tennis at the Olympic Games?

Women were first allowed to compete in tennis at the 1900 Games in Paris.

How many teams play in the Davis Cup?

The Davis Cup is an international men's tennis competition. Although it started as a competition between the US and Britain, it has since grown to include 130 teams from around the world.

How many sets do men women play in tennis?

Women play the first to win 2 out of a total of 3 sets. Men usually play the first to reach 3 out of a total of 5 sets; but in many tournaments now, they simply play as the women - the first to reach 2 sets out of 3.

How many tennis matches does a tennis player play in a year?

It depends on how often they play or if they are professional, then how many tournaments they go to.

Can men and women play tennis together?

It is physically possible, yes.

In which sport do the woman play in the federation cup?

Tennis. The Fed Cup is equivalent to the men's Davis Cup.

How many inches do you have to be to play tennis?

Depending on what team you mostly have to be 7 inches or higher to play tennis.

Where can you play tennis?

you can play tennis any were as long as their is a tennis court to play on.

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