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Q: How many women coaches have had basketball courts named after them?
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When was Women's Basketball Coaches Association created?

Women's Basketball Coaches Association was created in 1981.

How do you use the plural possessive word coaches' in a sentence?

Mr. Smith coaches the women's basketball team..

How many head coaches has the university of Wyoming's women's basketball program had?


Winningest coaches women's ncaa basketball?

pat summitt pat summitt

How many ncaa women's basketball coaches have 500 wins?

PAT SUMMIT is the only one!

Who are the winningest active women basketball coaches?

C. Vivian Stringer is the leading winningest women's basketball coach with 929 wins. Other active coaches are Tara VanDerveer (920), Barbara Stevens (912) Sylvia Hatchell (908) and Geno Auriemma (879).

What Russia basketball team is pookie Chapman coaching?

Pokey Chapman coaches the Women's Basketball Club Spartak Moscow Region in Vidnoye, Russia

Who are the three top winning coaches for women's NCAA division one basketball?

C. Vivian Stringer Geno should be on there in the near future

Who is the top coach for girls college basketball?

Pat Summit of Tennessee, Geno Auriema of Connecticut, and Tara Vanderveer of Stanford are all great coaches in women's college basketball right now.

How many minutes in women basketball?

Women basketball

Does M Shadows have a brother?

No. He has a sister named Amy Sanders. She plays in the Women's Pro Basketball League.

What is a Division 1 NCAA women's basketball coach's salary?

Higher than it should be. Because of title 9 Universities have to spend equally on both men's and women's sports. With the high salaries of football coaches and mens basketball coaches, women's basketball gets super inflated. UConn women's coaches made over 2 million dollars but the program lost $800,000. the average women's program in a BCS conference lost 2.1 million dollars. Universities are cutting back everything and these women's program are bleeding money but b/c of title nine they have to pay these salaries. The Alabama Football coach gets paid 5 million a year but the Football program makes a 20 million dollar profit. To offset his 5 million dollar salary the Women's coaches make 2million but the program loses 2.1million a year. The best men's Lacrosse coach in the country makes $200,000/yr. Why can't women be treated fairly?

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