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If you mean the animal, none.

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Q: How many wolverines are there in Michigan?
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When was Michigan Wolverines football created?

Michigan Wolverines football was created in 1879.

When was Michigan Wolverines men's gymnastics created?

Michigan Wolverines men's gymnastics was created in 1931.

When was Michigan Wolverines women's gymnastics created?

Michigan Wolverines women's gymnastics was created in 1976.

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What team name did Tom Brady play in college?

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The Michigan Wolverines.

What team is known University of Michigan?

The Michigan Wolverines

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Where can one read the news about Michigan Wolverines football online?

There are many places to read about Michigan Wolverines football online. You can read about them if you visit their website. Their information is also found on football webs.

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the Michigan wolverines are in the big ten

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Ohio State Buckeyes are the biggest rivals to the Michigan Wolverines by far. Michigan State is also a big rival

How many wins did the Michigan wolverines have in 1970?

9 ... their record in 1970 was 9-1.