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He has 32 career wins with the San Francisco Giants as of 06/25/2009. This includes part of the 2007 season (7-5), his Cy Young winning 2008 season (18-5), and the current 2009 season (7-2).

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Q: How many wins does pitcher Tim Lincecum have?
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What position does Tim Lincecum play?

Tim Lincecum is a starting pitcher for the San Fancisco Giants.

Who will be the 2011 starting pitcher for the Giants?

Tim Lincecum

Who has the biggest chew tobacco as a baseball pitcher?

Tim Lincecum

Who does Tim lincecum play for?

Tim Lincecum is a two-time Cy Young Award winner and starting pitcher for the San Francisco Giants.

Where did the mlb pitcher Tim Lincecum go to college?

University of Washington.

Who holds the record for most single season postseason wins as a giants pitcher?

Tim Lincecum who won 4 games in the 2010 playoffs/World Series.

What pitcher won two games in the world series in 2010?

Tim Lincecum.

How many games did Tim Lincecum win in 2009?

In 2009, Tim Lincecum won 15 games.

Does Tim Lincecum have kids?

No, Tim Lincecum does not have any children.

What is the birth name of Tim Lincecum?

Tim Lincecum's birth name is Timothy Leroy Lincecum.

Where was Tim Lincecum born?

Tim Lincecum was born in Bellevue, Washington.

What nicknames does Tim Lincecum go by?

Tim Lincecum goes by The Freak.