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A team must win 16 games to win the Stanley Cup in 4 rounds of the playoffs - Conference Quarterfinals, Conference Semifinals, Conference Finals, Stanley Cup Finals

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Q: How many wins does it take to win the Stanley Cup?
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How many Stanley cup wins for Montreal?


How many Stanley cup wins does the LA kings have?

Two cups.

How many wins in the finals to win the Stanley cup?

Best 4 out of 7

Who wins the Stanley cup?

The Boston Bruins are the Stanley Cup champions until mid June of 2012.

How many more wins did Montreal win over Toronto in the Stanley cup?


How do you get your name on the Stanley Cup?

Your name is engraved on the Stanley Cup when the team you play for wins the National Hockey League championship for a season.

What team wins the 2013 Stanley cup?


Consecutive Stanley cup wins?

5 times

What is the longest streak of Stanley cup wins?


What team has more Stanley cup wins?


Most Stanley cup wins?

Montreal canadiens

Which NHL hockey team has the most Stanley Cup wins?

The Montreal Canadiens currently lead in this category with 24 Cup wins.

Which teams have the most Stanley cup wins?

Montreal Canadiens have 23 Stanley Cups. Dave

How long does each player get to keep the Stanley cup?

Each player of the winning team of the Stanley cup gets to spend a day with the cup. After all players have spent their day with it will be passed on to the team that wins next year's Stanley Cup.

How many appearances for the Montreal Canadiens in the Stanley cup finals?

35 appearances: 24 wins 11 losses

What is the name of the award that the best team in the nhl wins?

The Stanley Cup! "All hail Lord Stanley!"

When is the last time Ottawa won a Stanley cup?

They haven't won a Stanley Cup yet. Actually the last time Ottawa won the Stanley Cup was in 1927 and before that it was 1923, with multiple wins before that.

Who has the most Stanley Cup wins?

The Montreal Canadiens have won the most Stanley Cups with 24.

Who has the second most Stanley cup wins?

the Toronto maple leafs won the second most Stanley cups!

Who has the most chapionchip in hockey?

The Montreal Canadians, they have far more Stanley Cup wins than any other team. That's because they have 24 Stanley Cup wins. The Leafs and the Red Wings have the 2nd most, with 11.

Which NHL goalie has the most Stanley Cup wins?

ken dryden.

Who has the fourth most Stanley cup wins?

The Boston Bruins with 6.

Who has the third most Stanley cup wins?

Detroit Red Wings

In what seasons did the New York Islanders win the Stanley Cup?

The New York Islanders are an American ice hockey team who have won the Stanley Cup on four consecutive ocassions. Their Stanley Cup wins began in 1980 and finished in 1984.

What hockey team won more Stanley Cup?

The Montreal Canadians won more Stanley Cup victories than any other team with 24 wins.