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Q: How many wins does dan marino have on monday night football?
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Dan marino won how many monday night football games?

Dan Marino had 20 wins and 17 losses as a starting QB on Monday night.

How many TD passes did Dan Marino throw on Monday Night Football?


How many consecutive seasons have the Packers played on Monday Night Football?


How many Monday Night Football games has Candlestick Park hosted?


How many kickoff return touchdowns have happened on Monday night football?


How many Monday Night Football games have the Pittsburgh Steelers won in a row?


How many times did the Dallas Cowboys play on monday night football in the 1990's?


What radio station is the monday night football game on?

ESPN airs Monday Night Football and has the rights through 2021. Additionally ESPN will air a playoff game in the 2014-2015 season and has exclusive rights to air the Pro Bowl from 2015 to 2022.

How many monday night games have the saints won?

The New Orleans Saints have appeared in 31 Monday Night Football contests from 1972 through 2011. They have won 14 games and lost 17.

Who has the most wins on Monday Night Football since 1970 and how many wins do they have?

AnswerI think it's the Oakland Raiders. The Steelers and Cowboys both have pretty good records on monday Night as well.AnswerpittsburghIt's the Cowboys. They have the most mnf wins, also the most mnf games played, so, go figure.

How many times have the bears won a football game?

The Bears have played in 60 Monday Night Football games. Out of those 60 games, they have won 24 games and lost 26. Their last win on Monday Night Football was against the Dallas Cowboys in 2013.

How many TD's did Favre throw for in the first half of that memorable Monday Night Football game against Oakland in 2003?