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There is no rule for how many wins are needed to be in the playoffs. The more wins the better but, the team only needs to be a division leader and therefore automatically given a playoff spot.

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Q: How many wins do you need to be in the playoffs in the NFL?
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How many NFL playoffs wins did Joe Montana have?

Joe Montana has 16 wins in the playoffs

How many wins do you need to make it to the nfl playoffs?

There is no set number of wins, but the fewest number of wins for a playoff team so far (16 game schedule) is 8 as of the end of the 2009 season.

How many games has Brett Favre won in the NFL?

regular season - 169 wins playoffs - 12 wins

How many NFL teams started the season with five straight wins and then did not make the playoffs?


If Baltimore wins in the NFL playoffs who will they play next?


Most wins in NFL?

Chicago Bears, as of start of 2011 season, 704 Regular Season wins, 721 including Playoffs. Green Bay Packers are second with 664 Regular Season wins, 693 including Playoffs. NY Giants are third with 636 Regular Season wins, 656 including Playoffs. Pittsburg Steelers are fourth with 546 Regular Season wins, 579 including Playoffs. source: NFL

How many playoff wins do the Baltimore Ravens have?

The Baltimore Ravens are 8-5 in the NFL Playoffs, including the Super Bowl.

What NFL team has the most wins including playoffs since the start of the NFL?

Chicago Bears 702 wins, only team with 700 or more combined Seasons and Post Season wins since the creation of the NFL.

How many points does it take for an NFL team to make the playoffs?

Teams make the playoffs on the basis of the number of wins earned during the season. The number of points is immaterial (although they may be taken into account as a tie-breaker...after head to head games, division wins, etc.)

Has an NFL team started with 1 wins and 7 losses and made the playoffs?

No, but the Cincinnati Bengals started 1-6 in 1970 and made the playoffs.

How many nfl teams started 1-3 and made playoffs?

how many 1-3 teams went to playoffs nfl

Why is there no playoffs in college football?

There doesn't need to be Playoffs because there is a different system of determining who is in championship then in the NFL

How many games do you have to win to get to the nfl playoffs?

You dont need to win a certain amount. Instead, you have to be top in your division.

Is the Super Bowl part of the playoffs?

Yes, it is the final game of the playoffs and is the league championship game. Whichever team wins the Super Bowl is crowned NFL champions for the season.

What is the percentage the home team wins in the NFL playoffs?

It's about 56 - 57 percent every regular season

What team has the most NFL playoff road wins in a single season?

The Pittsburgh Steelers in the 2005 season playoffs, the New England Patriots in 1985 season playoffs, and the New York Giants in the 2007 season playoffs.

How many rounds are there in the NFL playoffs?


What percentage of NFL games are won by the home team?

The NFL's regular season HFA is 57%--the home team wins 57 out of 100 times. But in the playoffs it's 68%.

How many teams are in the NFL divisional playoffs?


When was NFL Cheerleader Playoffs created?

NFL Cheerleader Playoffs was created in 2006.

How many wins and how many starts does Peyton Manning have in the NFL?

Peyton Manning have in the NFL has 500 wins and 94% stats.

Has an nfl team ever won their division but not make the playoffs?

No. A team that outright wins their division always qualifies for post season play.

The best NFL start without making the playoffs?

6 wins, 0 losses. Most recently done by the 2003 Minnesota Vikings.

What is the most consecutive wins in the nfl?

The New England Patriots won 21 games in a row in the years 2003-2004. (including playoffs)

How many NFL playoffs were the Phoenix Cardinals in?

The Phoenix Cardinals never made it to the playoffs in the 6 years they were around.