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Q: How many wins do the Toronto Blue Jays have against the New York Yankees since the beginning of MLB?
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What mlb team has the best winning record against the Yankees since 1964?

the angels

Do the NY Yankees and the LA Dodgers have a rivalry?

It's more of a postseason rivalry since the Yankees and Dodgers have faced off in 11 World Series since 1941. The Yankees won eight of the Fall Classics against the Dodgers.

Since 2001 how many World Series have the New York Yankees won?

Since 2001, the Yankees have won the World Series 1 time. That was in 2009 against the Philadelphia Phillies.

Who is Toronto Maple Leaf captains?

Dion Phaneuf is the captain of the Toronto Maple Leafs.

How many games have the blue jays won since the beginning of baseball?

Since the Toronto Blue Jays entered the league in 1977. Their record is 2,589-2,632.

How many games do the New York Yankees have left to play until the regular season is over?

Through September 28, 2010, the Yankees have four games remaining. One at Toronto and three at Boston.

Why was Eliza Frances Andrews shocked that a Pole was fighting with the Yankees?

Because he should have sympathized with the South since Poland was also fighting against oppression

Why did the New York Yankees trade A.J. Burnett?

Basically, A.J. Burnett was not the same pitcher the Yankees got from Toronto. He had a large contract and never really excelled in the Yankees rotation since he joined the team. Some pitchers just have a problem pitching in New York, with the added pressure of a big stage, the constant media attention and the overall high standards that the organization puts on players. A.J. was a very good pitcher in Toronto and he has now seemed to find a home in Pittsburgh.

How many times have the New York Yankees finished in last place?

4 times. Prior to divisional play beginning in 1969, the Yankees finished last in the American League 3 times (1908, 1912, 1966). Since divisional play began, the Yankees have finished last in the AL East once (1990).

How many head coaches did the NY Yankees have since 1970?

The New York Yankees have had 15 different Mangers since 1970.

Did Mickey Mantle ever have his name on his jersey?

Since the beginning, the Yankees haven't had names on their jerseys, so No.

Have the NY Yankees had more home runs since Alfonso Soriano's time with the Yankees or A Rods time with the Yankees?

Alfonso's time definatly yankees suck