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Q: How many wins do Bret farve have against the Dallas Cowboys?
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Bret farve and the Dallas Cowboys?

NO way!

You think Bret farve will come back and take the vikings to super bowl?

I think Bret farve will come back and take the vikings to the supere bowl this year in dallas.

Was Bret Romero ever on the Dallas Cowboys roster?

No. The Dallas Cowboys have never had a player named Romero on their regular-season roster.

Did Bret Farve grow up in Kiln MS?

Bret Farve went to highschool at Hancock North Central.

Is Bret farve going to the vikings?


Is Bret farve a good QB?


How old is Bret Farve?

1000000000 years old

Who is Bret Farve's high school coach?

Was his father

Who has played 15 seasons in the NFL?

Bret Farve will.

How old was Bret farve when he begging the nfl?


Is there a gay football player?

Yes, Bret farve

Did Bret romero play for the Dallas Cowboys?

No. He was never played a down for a Dallas Cowboy Team nor has he ever been on a Dallas Cowboy Team Roster.

Is payton manning going to break Bret farve records?

payton manning is better than man is the best Bret farve is old as $hit he a old head

Who is the longest playing quarterback with one team?

Bret farve

How do you get Bret Farve on Madden 09?

just update your rosters

Which nfl quarterback has the most postseason starts?

Bret farve

Is Bret farve retired?

yes. As of the end of regular season he is.

What is the most valuable NFL pro set card?

Bret farve and dan marino rookie card Brett farve

How many times has Bret farve won the hismen trophy?


Who took the first snap as quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings?

Bret farve

Will Bret farve be in madden 2011?

yeas yeas he will its on madden ratings

How many touchdowns did Bret Farve throw in his entire career?


How many tougchdowns has Bret farve made?

Just over 400

Does Bret Farve have a Super Bowl ring?

Yes, he won one in 1997.

What team is Bret Farve on?

He has now betrayed the Packers and is playing for the Minnesota Vikings.