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Q: How many wins did warren spahn have in his career?
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How many wins did Warren Spahn have in 1950?


How many wins did Warren Spahn have in 1951?


How many wins did Warren Spahn have in 1952?


Who hold record for most career pitching wins for braves?

Warren Spahn with 356 wins in 20 seasons (1942, 1946-1964) with the Braves.

Who has 360 wins and had 360 hits?

Warren Spahn

What pitcher has the most wins as an Atlanta Brave?

Warren Spahn has 356 wins as a Brave.

How many wins does coach Warren Wolf have in his career?

Warren Wolf has a record of 361-122-11 in his high school football coaching career.

Who is the oldest MLB pitcher with the most wins in a single season?

In MLB, Warren Spahn of the 1963 Milwaukee Braves with 23 wins at the age of 42.

How many career wins does Richard Petty have?

200 career wins and 7 championships.

Who holds mlb record for most career wins as a pitcher?

== == Ed Morris had 12 in 1886, which is the AA record for Lefthanders Sandy Koufax had 11 in 1963, which is the NL record for Lefthanders The American League record for shutouts in a season by a southpaw is 9 and held by Ron Guidry of the Yankees (1978) and Babe Ruth of the Red Sox (1916).

What pitcher in MLB has the most wins in the past 100 years?

Between the years 1911-2010, that would be Grover Cleveland Alexander with 373. Next comes Warren Spahn with 363 and Walter Johnson with 360.

How many wins does Jim Tressel have as a coach?

He has 105 wins in his career.