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Jimmie Johnson won two Nascar Cup Series races in 2011.

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Q: How many wins did Jimmie Johnson have in 2011?
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Who has more wins in one season Jimmie Johnson or Jeff Gordon?

In 2007 Jimmie Johnson had 10 wins. In 1998 Jeff Gordon had 13 wins.

How many Nascar Cup Series races has Jimmie Johnson won in his career?

Jimmie Johnson has 69 Nascar Cup Series wins in his career.

Who had more wins in the 2008 season Jimmie Johnson or Jeff Gordon?

Jimmie Johnson had 7 Sprint Cup wins and Jeff Gordon did not have any.

How many Nascar Cup Series wins did Jimmie Johnson have in 2005?

During the 2005 season, Jimmie Johnson won four Cup Series races.

Who has more overall wins in the Nascar Cup Series - Jeff Gordon or Jimmie Johnson?

In the Nascar Cup Series, Jeff Gordon has 90 wins and Jimmie Johnson has 69.

What is the track that Jimmie Johnson wins at all the time?

Jimmie Johnson has 6 wins at both Charlotte Motor Speedway and Martinsville Speedway. Jimmie has also won 2 Nascar All-Star races at Charlotte Motor Speedway.

Has any Nascar championship driver not won an event in the Race to the Chase?

This only happened one time. In 2005, Tony Stewart won the Nascar Cup Series championship without winning a race in the Chase.Championship winners and Chase wins for that season:2004 (Kurt Busch) - 1 win2005 (Tony Stewart) - 0 wins2006 (Jimmie Johnson) - 1 win2007 (Jimmie Johnson) - 4 wins2008 (Jimmie Johnson) - 3 wins2009 (Jimmie Johnson) - 4 wins2010 (Jimmie Johnson) - 1 win2011 (Tony Stewart) - 5 wins

Who has the most nascar wins in the last 10 years?

Jimmie Johnson (47 as of November 15, 2009)

How much money does Jeff Gordon make when Jimmie Johnson wins?

All of the winnings, Johnson only gets paid bonuses and his salary, the owner keeps the winnings. Jimmie Johnson's car is co-owned by Jeff Gordon and Rick Hendrick.

How many wins does Chevrolet have at the Daytona 500?

Chevy has won 22 times at Daytona 500, most recently Jimmie Johnson, February 24th, 2013.

How many wins did Chevy have in the 2011 Nascar Cup Series?

In 2011, Chevy had 18 wins in the Nascar Cup Series.Tony Stewart (5)Kevin Harvick (4)Jeff Gordon (3)Jimmie Johnson (2)Ryan Newman (1)Paul Menard (1)Clint Bowyer (1)Regan Smith (1)

Are NASCAR races fixed?

Only if Jimmie Johnson wins 4 titles in a row. Then you can officially say Nascar is fixed. Not fixed, but some cheat better than others. Jimmie Johnson has now won 5 titles in a row.

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