How many wins did Ali have?

Updated: 12/15/2022
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Q: How many wins did Ali have?
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How many wins does Lelia Ali have?

She has 24 wins with 1 loss i think

Who wins for the bachelorette ali?

reberto wins

How many time did Muhammad ali wins at Larry Holmes?

Ali fought Holmes one time, and lost by TKO.

How many matches mahammad ali win in his career?

56 Wins, 5 Loss, 37 KOs! yeah go Ali!

How many fights have layla ali fought?

24 fights, 24 wins, 21 by ko.

How many first round wins for ali?

two first round wins on Ali's pro record. Jim Robinson in 1961, and the Charles "sonny" liston rematch in 1965.

How many boxing matches did Ali have?

as a pro, 61 (56 wins, 37 by ko, with 5 defeats, 1 by ko) his amatuer record reads 100 wins against 5 defeats.

How many fights did Muhammad Ali Compete In?

As a professional, he had 61 fights (56 wins, 37 by knockout. against 5 losses, one by knockout). As an amateur, he had 100 wins and 5 losses.

How many fights did Joe Frazier have?

As Cassius Marcellus Clay he won 20 bouts and won them all. If you count them and the bouts he had as Muhammad Ali, he had a total of 61. He was 56-5.

How many people fought Muhammad ali?

61 as a professional (won 56, lost 5. as an amateur, he went 100 wins against 5 losses.

How many fights have Laila Ali won?

she is undefeated in 24 wins with 21 inside the distance, only because she stayed away from dangerous opponents such as anne wolfe

What was boxing legend Muhammed Ali's record?

Muhammad Ali's boxing record was 56-37-5. 56 wins 37 by knockout and 5 losses