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Q: How many winning seasons have the Oakland Raiders had since 1960?
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How many winning seasons have the Raiders had since 1966?

thirty three

Which team has the most wins the Pittsburgh Steelers or the Oakland Raiders?

The Steelers have 529 wins since their first season in 1933. The Raiders have 410 since their first season in 1960. The Steelers have a 27 year head start. So if you go by the winning percentages the Raiders are ahead of any team by far.

What is the Oakland Raiders record since 2000?


What NFL team has the most regular season wins since 1966? The Dallas Cowboys have 389 wins, and a .60856 winning %.

Who has the better record since 1999 the Oakland Raiders or the Buffalo Bills?


What record does Oakland Raiders have since the have been in the nfl?

franchise moved most times

What was the Oakland Raiders original name what city did they come from?

The Raiders were always known as the Raiders although the original name they were going to be called was the "Senors" Thankfully that never came to pass. The Raiders began in Oakland and played there from 1960-1981. From 1982-until 1994 the Raiders played in Los Angeles, and since the 1995 season they have returned to Oakland, becoming the only team to ever return to the city they left. Prior to Al Davis, the principal owner of the Raiders was a man named Chet Soda. (I don't know the city they came from but I would assume it was still Oakland)

What is the win-loss record between the Oakland Raiders and Denver Broncos since 1995 up until 2011?

From 1995 through the 2011 season, the Denver Broncos have a 23-11 record against the Oakland Raiders.

Who has a better record since 2000 the Detroit Lions or the Oakland Raiders?

Raiders 60 win 48 losses Lions 32 wins 76 losses

How many winning seasons have the Seahawks had since 1990?


What years were the raiders in LA?

Al Davis joined the Raiders as head coach and general manager in 1963. The 2008 season will be his 46th with the Raiders.

Did the Pittsburgh Steelers ever play the Oakland Raiders in the Super Bowl?

It's technically impossible, since they are both in the AFC. They have met 3 times in the AFC Championship however, back in the glory days of the NFL. 1974 Pittsburgh Steelers 24, @Oakland Raiders 13 1975 @Pittsburgh Steelers 16, Oakland Raiders 10 1976 @Oakland Raiders 24, Pittsburgh Steelers 7 The winning team also went on to win the SuperBowl (IX, X, and XI)