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The Patriots have had 15 winning seasons and have qualified for the playoffs 11 times from 1986 to 2009.

New England Patriots records & playoff appearances 1986-2008:

1986: 11-5 - Playoff Team, Lost Division Championship
1987: 8-7 (15 game season)
1988: 9-7
1989: 5-11
1990: 1-15
1991: 6-10
1992: 2-14
1993: 5-11
1994: 10-6 - Playoff team, Lost in Wildcard Game
1995: 6-10
1996: 11-5 - Playoff Team, Lost Super Bowl XX
1997: 10-6 - Playoff Team, Lost Division Championship Game
1998: 9-7 - Playoff Team, Lost Wildcard Game
1999: 8-8
2000: 5-11
2001: 11-5 - Playoff Team, Won Super Bowl XXXVI
2002: 9-7
2003: 14-2 - Playoff Team, Won Super Bowl XXXVII
2004: 14-2 - Playoff Team, Won Super Bowl XXXIX
2005: 10-6 - Playoff Team, Lost Division Championship Game
2006: 12-4 - Playoff Team, Lost AFC Championship Game
2007: 16-0 - Playoff Team, Lost Super Bowl XLII
2008: 11-5

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Q: How many winning seasons and play-off appearances have the New Patriots had since 1986?
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What team played against the Patriots in the 2001 playoff?

The Patriots played the Oakland Raiders (winning 16-13 in overtime), the Pittsburgh Steelers (winning 24-17) and the St. Louis Rams (winning Superbowl XXXVI 20-17).

Who is a better football team Cleveland Browns or New England Patriots?

The Patriots - the Browns have posted just two winning seasons from 1999 onward.

Which NHL team has the most playoff appearances without ever winning a Stanley Cup?

That would be the St. Louis Blues. Since entering the NHL in the 1967-68 season, the Blues have made the playoffs in 35 of their 41 seasons but have never won the Stanley Cup.

What NFL team has the longest streak of winning seasons in a row?

The record belongs "officially" to the 2003-2004 New England Patriots with 21... including playoffs making them the most consecutive. Indy Colts 2008-2009 had 23 regular season wins. The previous poster said the New England record included pre-season games. In fact neither teams records include preseason games. Both lost preseason games during the "streaks." The difference being that the Patriots record is considered the "official NFL record" because it includes playoffs games.

Are the ravens in the playoffs?

The Ravens are perennial playoff contenders, having appeared in the past 5 seasons (winning at least 1 game in each year) since 2008, and a total of 9 playoff appearances in their 17 year history.

How much records do the patriots have?

Notable records of the New England Patriots - longest winning streak (21 games, 2003-4 seasons) first unbeaten regular season since 1972 Dolphins (2007) most points scored in a season (2007) most wins in last twenty seasons (200-plus) most Superbowl appearances since 1990 (six) most Superbowl wins since 1990 (three, tied with Dallas Cowboys and NY Giants)

How many superbowl wins does the New England Patriots have?

The New England Patriots have won:450 games in their entire history426 regular season games24 post season games3 Super Bowls4 additional Conference Championships

Are New England Patriots better than Kansas City Chiefs?

Yes. The team was known as the Boston Patriots from 1960 to 1970. After that they were the Bay State Patriots, and then the New England Patriots.

How many seasons in a row did Bill Cowher coach the Pittsburgh Steelers to the playoffs?

Bill Cowher coached the Pittsburgh Steelers from 1992 to 2006. In those 15 seasons, the Steelers had 10 post season appearances, winning a single Lombardy Trophy in Super Bowl XL in 2005. The longest playoff streak Cowher had was six seasons in a row, from 1992 to 1997. In that streak, the Steelers made one Super Bowl appearance (losing to Dallas in Super Bowl XXX), 2 Conference Championship game appearances, 2 Divisional games and 1 Wildcard game appearance.

Who is winning the jets and pats rivalry and What is numbers?

The Jets lead the Patriots in regular season wins 50-48-1, while the Patriots have won the two playoff games that have occurred between the two clubs. Entering the 2010 season the Patriots lead the rivalry in points scored with 2,241 points to the Jets' 2,137, for a rough average score of Patriots 21, Jets 20.

How many super bowl appearances bill belichick?

Six. Two with the New York Giants as an assistant and four with the New England Patriots as a head coach. He's been on the winning side in 5 of the six Super Bowls.

Why did Spain become allies of the patriots?

They saw that France had allied with the patriots and knew that the Patriots had a chance of winning.