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Guidry won the Cy Young Award in 1978 with a 25-and-3 record.

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Q: How many wind did ron guidry have in his winningest season as a Yankee pitcher?
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Which New York Yankees pitching record did Yankees pitcher Ron Guidry break in 1978?

Ron Guidry had 248 strikeouts in the 1978 season. This broke the single season record set by New York Yankee Jack Chesbro who had 439 in 1906.

What Yankee pitcher holds the team record for most strikeouts?

For a single season, that is Ron Guidry with 248 in 1978. For a career, that is Whitey Ford with 1,956.

What New York Yankee pitcher holds the record for the least amount of losses in a season?

Ron Guidry posted only three losses in the 1978 season. He pitched in 35 games that year.

Which Yankee holds the team single season record for strikeouts?

Through the 2008 season: Batter: Alfonso Soriano with 157 strikeouts in 2002. Pitcher: Ron Guidry with 248 strikeouts in 1978.

What pitcher has the most strikeouts in a single season for the New York Yankees?

As of the 2010 season, the Yankees team record for strikeouts by a pitcher in a season is 248 by Ron Guidry in 1978.

Which New York Yankee was the last to win 25 games in a season?

As of the 2010 season, that would be Ron Guidry who went 25-3 in 1978.

Who was the Blue Jays all time winningest pitcher?

Through the 2009 season, that is Dave Stieb with 175 wins for the Blue Jays between 1979-1992 and 1998.

Who was the last New York Yankee pitcher to win the Cy Young Award?

Through the 2008 season, that was Roger Clemens in 2001.

What type of pitches did ron guidry throw?

Ron Guidry, my favorite player when I was in college, was not an overpowering pitcher. He was a little guy--only 5'9" and 160 pounds--so he had to dominate hitters through his wile and not necessarily blowing the ball by them. He had a wicked sharp slider, but he did also throw a mean fastball, without which he could not have had the success he did in the 1978 season, when he won the AL Cy Young Award.

Who is the winningest coach in Florida Panthers history?

The winningest coach in Florida Panthers history is Jacques Martin. The franchise's all-time leader for the most regular-season games coached (246), the most regular-season game wins (110), and the most regular-season points (256).

Who was the last Yankee pitcher to win triple crowne?

Through the 2008 season, that is Lefty Gomez who led the American League in ERA (2.37), strikeouts (194), and wins (21) in 1937.

What was the Pittsburgh Steelers most winningest season?

The Steelers best regular season record was 15-1 in 2004. They were 1-1 in the playoffs.

Winningest baseball team one season AL?

2001 Seattle Mariners--116 wins

Who threw the first pitch in Yankee Stadium history?

The first regular season game in Yankee Stadium was played on April 18, 1923. The first pitch was thrown by Yankees right hander Bob Shawkey. Shawkey was the winning pitcher as the Yankees defeated the Boston Red Sox, 4-1.

Who holds the American League record for shutouts in one season by a left-handed pitcher?

== == Ed Morris had 12 in 1886, which is the AA record for Lefthanders Sandy Koufax had 11 in 1963, which is the NL record for Lefthanders The American League record for shutouts in a season by a southpaw is 9 and held by Ron Guidry of the Yankees (1978) and Babe Ruth of the Red Sox (1916).

Who was the winningest head coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers?

Chuck Noll was the winningest head coach on the Steelers with a combined 209 wins and 156 losses. His regular season record was 193-148-1. Postseason was 16-8. Bill Cowher had the highest regular season winning percentage at .623 (149-90-1).

Which NY Yankee pitcher won the most games?

Carl Mays holds the single season record for most wins by a NY Yankee pitcher with 27 wins in 1927.Jack Chesbro won 41 games in 1904 for the NY Highlanders, which would later become the NY Yankees.The career record for wins by a NY Yankee is held by Whitey Ford with 236 wins from 1950 through 1967.The most career wins by any pitcher that played for the NY Yankees at any point in their career is 354 by Roger Clemens. 83 of his wins came as a member of the NY Yankees.

Has a New York Yankee ever left the team and become a Boston Red Sox player?

Yes. Pitcher Ramiro Mendoza signed with the Red Sox as a free agent for the 2003 season after having pitched for the Yankees between 1996-2002. Also, pitcher David Cone signed with the Red Sox as a free agent for the 2001 season after having pitched for the Yankees between 1995-2000.

Who was the 1st Yankee black pitcher?

My best research seems to indicate that the Yankees first African-American pitcher seems to be Al Downing, who joined the Yanks as a 20 year old lefthander in the 1961 season appearing in 5 games, starting one and compiling a record of 0-1 with an era of 8.00.

What specials are currently happening at Yankee Candles?

Yankee Candles does not currently have any specials available, but during the holiday season, Yankee Candles had many specials to promote their products.

Do the balls used in 2008 Yankee games have a code on them?

No, the baseballs for the final season at Yankee Stadium are not specially coded. BPL

What baseball player holds the American League record for shutouts in one season by a left-handed pitcher?

Ron Guidry led the American League with 9 Shutouts for the Yankees in 1978, and that is tops for a LH thrower. Also, Bob Lemon led with 10 Shutouts for Cleveland in 1948, and he batted left, but threw right.

Which MLB player will be the first to make 30 million per season?

Great question. Who is the most valuable to his team. Definitely not a pitcher. A rod is a possibility. The Yankees have tons of coin, so a Yankee is possible. Not Jeter. Maybe Puhjols. Who do you think?

What Yankee pitchers won at least 20 games in one season?

There have been countless. The most recent was Mike Mussina in 2008. Roger Clemens was the only pitcher ever win 20 out of twenty-one decisions. Jack Chesbero holds the record for wins in a season with 41. These are just a few examples.

Which New York Yankee hit the most home runs at Yankee Stadium in one season?

Roger Maris in 61 I believe.