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Q: How many wickets taken by kapil devi in odi?
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How many wickets did Kapil Dev have in test matches when he retired?

434 wickets

How many one day wickets did Kapil Dev took?


How many One-Day wickets did Kapil Dev capture?


How many tests did Kapil Dev take to reach from 400 wickets to 434 wickets?

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How many wickets did Zaheer pick up in his ODI debut?

3 wickets zaheer took at his debut :answer by kapil Prabhakar

How many wickets are taken by Anil Kumble?

619 wickets

How many wickets are taken by imran khan?

362 wickets (Tests) 182 wickets (ODI)

How many wickets are taken before a team is dismissed?

10 wickets

How many wickets taken by wasim akram in test cricket?

414 wickets.

How many wickets has Ajit Agarkar taken?

Ajit Agarkar has taken 58 wickets in Test and 288 in ODI so far.

How many wickets were taken in the 2007 world cup?

In 2007 World Cup, total 725 wickets were taken in 51 matches.

How many wickets has shahid afridi taken ever?

shahid afridi has 315 odi wickets