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2 people cuz there all black

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Q: How many white nfl players?
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How many white players are in the NFL?

42 percent

How many black NFL players vs white players?


How many nfl black players are marry to white women?

30 players

What NFL team has the fewest white players?

The Baltimore Ravens is the NFL team with the fewest white players. The NFL team with the most white players is the New England Patriots.

How many players in 2009 NFL are white?

643 50 percent of them

Which NFL team has the most white players?

Green bay Packers, with 24 white players

How many NFL players are from ghetto?

Every black player and half of the white ones.

How many jerseys do NFL players get?

How many game issued jerseys do nfl players get

How many Latin players are in the NFL?

there are 24 latin players in the NFL

What NFL defense has the most white players?


What team in the NFL has the most white players?


How many Puerto Rican NFL players?

How many puerto rican players play for nfl

How many gay nfl players are there?

There are currently no openly gay NFL players.

How many black NFL players are there?

78% of the players in the nfl in 2009 were black.

How many single players in the NFL?

4800 single players in the NFL, i think...

How many white cornerbacks are in the NFL?

There are dozens, but many are not starters. As with most NFL positions, the 64 starters will generally be the best players for that position that the team can field.

How many swac players are their in the NFL?

80 players

How many members of the NFL players association?

1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9There are 20-50 players of NFL..

How many Mexican football players in the NFL?

There are 16 Mexican football players in the NFL.

Can you list all white NFL players?

there is only 7

What NFL players wore number 54?

Randy White

How many NFL players went to fsu?

How many former FSU players are currently playing in the NFL in 2009?

How many Virginia Tech players are in the NFL?

31 VT players in the NFL according to

How many NFL players have taken steroids?

70 to 80% of nfl players use steroids

How many University of Virginia players are in the NFL?

There are currently 35 players in the NFL from the University of Virginia.