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Q: How many welsh football teams play in English football leagues?
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How many welsh football teams in English league?

Two in the big leagues: Cardiff and Swansea.

What welsh teams play football in England?

Cardiff and swansea are in the football league, but wrexham, Newport county,colwyn bay and merthyr tydfil also play in lower English leagues

How many soccer teams in the England have X in the Name?

Oxford, Exeter, Halifax, Wrexham(Welsh but play in English Leagues) and Crewe Alexandra.

Why are there Welsh teams in the English Premier League?

bellow the answer write the teams that are welsh and are in the premier league then i will answer the question there are no welsh teams in the premier league.

What is the Welsh Premier League?

The Welsh Premier League is a competitive football (soccer) athletic league. The league is stations in Europe. It is one of the older association football leagues in Europe.

Who is the Welsh football teams best player?

Gareth Bale

Why do swansea city and Cardiff city play in the English football leagues?

There wasn't a professional football league in Wales at the time each club was founded, so they decided to join the closest one that was in existence. They're not the only Welsh clubs to play in the English league system: Wrexham and Newport Country have played in the Football League, and Merthyr Tydfil have reached the highest level in the non-league pyramid. The only downside to their participation in the English League is that they're not allowed to compete in the Welsh Cup, and so cannot qualify for Europe via that route.

Is Wales national football team different from England national team?

The three Great Britain countries have their own teams. The England, Wales, and Scotland football teams are all different. Most players from all teams play club football in England but all have separate national teams. --As does Northern Ireland (ie the four UK countries have their own football teams). The English football league is the dominant league system, followed by Scotland's SPL. Wales focuses more on Rugby, and their best teams play in the English league (currently Cardiff, Swansea and Wrexham) as the Welsh league is not strong enough for them. Northern Ireland has its own league, but the best Northern Irish players usually play in the English or Scottish league, or outside fo the British Isles (though none of its teams play in England).

Can an English man play football for wales?

no, unless he has family who are welsh

Name welsh players in English football?

Ryan Giggs, Craig Bellamy, Robbie Savage and ralf Ramsey are all Welsh footballers.

Who is Caesar Jenkyns?

Caesar Jenkyns was a Welsh football player. He payed for several teams during his career such as Woolwich Arsenal.

How many football teams does England have?

AnswerThere are 92 football teams (professional clubs) in the Premier Leagueplus the Football League's 3 divisions. There are thousands of smaller clubs.Of course, a couple of the 92 are Welsh.Also there are the England National teams.

Which Welsh football club has made the most English FA cup final appearances?

Cardiff, with two.

Welsh football club has made the most English FA cup final appearances?

Cardiff, with two.

When was Welsh Football League created?

Welsh Football League was created in 1904.

Who is the most famous welsh footballer?

In my opinion its got to be RYAN GIGGS in regards to how decorated he is in English (Ironic) football.

When was Welsh Football League Division One created?

Welsh Football League Division One was created in 1904.

When was Welsh Football League Division Three created?

Welsh Football League Division Three was created in 1904.

Do Welsh people speak English?

Yes they do. Its estimated by the Welsh Assembly the approximately 50% are fluent in Welsh and English with a further 20% speaking predominantly English and can communicate at basic level in Welsh and 30% English only with some sentences capable in Welsh Yes of course they can! Im Welsh myself but cant really speak welsh. I can only really speak english

How do you say I am English in Welsh?

'I am English' in Welsh is 'Dwi yn Saesneg'

What is the Welsh for 'beat the English'?

'beat the english' in welsh is 'guro'r Saesneg'

Welsh language education?

What about it? I have my education through Welsh. All lessons are taught through Welsh appart from Other language lessons such as English French or German. For GCSE's , everyone who has their education through welsh do English Lit , English Lang , Welsh Lit , Welsh lang. For A levels , everything is still taught through welsh... You can choose Welsh as an A level , in the same way you can choose English as an A level

How many welsh teams are there in the premier league?

There are 18 clubs, and 12 teams.

How do you say wyeth in Welsh?

Despite its somewhat Welsh appearance, it is an English name. The name would be the same in Welsh or English.

What is Welsh English?

Welsh is a completely separate language, but their type of English is sometimes referred to as 'Wenglish'.

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