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(Professional Men's Boxing)


Light Flyweight


Super flyweight


Super bantamweight


Super featherweight


Super lightweight


Super welterweight


Super middleweight

Light heavyweight



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Q: How many weight classes are there in amateur boxing?
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How many boxing championships has Ricky Hatton won?

Ricky Hatton has won a total of fourteen boxing championships. These championships are spread between multiple weight classes.

How high is a professional boxing ring?

There is no official weight to become a boxer. There are many different weight classes in boxing for example featherweight, lightweight, middleweight, heavyweight and many more. This again allows for different championships to be competed for at all the different weight classes.

How many ounces should boxing gloves be in amateur competition?


How many boxing matches has Oscar De La Hoya lost?

Depends upon what part of his career you are taling about. As an amateur his win-loss record was 223-5 with 163 knockouts. He has won 6 world chanpionships in as many weight classes. In his current class, his record is 38-5 with 30 knockouts.

What training classes can one book at LA Boxing?

One can schedule many different training classes at LA Boxing. Some of the classes that they offer include boxing, kickboxing, and martial arts. One can sign up online.

How many categories in boxing are?

If you mean "weight categories" there are 17.

Where can I find kickboxing classes?

You could probably find it at your local martial arts school. Many Health Clubs have kick boxing classes as well.

Where can one find an amateur photographer?

A person looking for an amateur photographer can find one in many places. The local classifieds or Craigslist are a great places to start. Many amateur photographers will place ads for their services.Another place to check would be schools that offer photography classes.

What is Marco Antonio Barrera most famous for?

Marco Antonio Barrera is a professional boxer from Mexico. He has won many world titles in three different weight classes and is known in boxing circles as The Baby Faced Assassin.

Is it good start amateur boxing at the age of twenty four?

Start as early as possible, but remember that you do not want to get boxer's dementia from too many hits in the head

How many clear days must there be between amateur boxing bouts?

3 days except for championships and internationals where you can fight more than once on the same day

How many amateur boxing bouts did Narciso Kid Martinez have?

19-3-1 13KO's 1973 to 1976 Los Angeles, CA (Jr.Featherweight)