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from August 5 to august 30th 2013 in oragaon

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Q: How many weeks are in a high school sports season?
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Is it legal to require students to lift weights off-season in high school who are involved in high school sports?


When was The Hills Sports High School created?

The Hills Sports High School was created in 1966.

What is the motto of Westfields Sports High School?

Westfields Sports High School's motto is 'Fortitudo'.

When was Narrabeen Sports High School created?

Narrabeen Sports High School was created in 1954.

What is the motto of Matraville Sports High School?

Matraville Sports High School's motto is 'Endeavour'.

Can sports build muscle?

Sports can definitely build muscle! However, what muscles and how much are dependent on the sport and how you practice for it. In a lot of high school sports, coaches will have training sessions where you work on building muscle, not necessarily techniques for the sport. I know for high school lacrosse and football near me there are workouts for you to get in shape for the season, and of course you continue training during the season.

Do most high school sports players rely on sports to get a career?

No. The vast majority of high school sports players will not have a career in professional sports.

When was Weeks Junior High School created?

Weeks Junior High School was created in 1930.

What is The Hills Sports High School's motto?

The motto of The Hills Sports High School is 'Strive for Success'.

What is Narrabeen Sports High School's motto?

Narrabeen Sports High School's motto is 'Purpose and Integrity'.

When was Matraville Sports High School created?

Matraville Sports High School was created in 1960-01.

Should they cancel high school sports?

There is no necessity at all for canceling high school sports. High school athletes and none sports students all benefit from Varsity sports as well a sports played in gymnasiums. Gymnasium sports help build an athlete's body and also, sports at the high school level develops a camaraderie among the student athletes.