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Q: How many ways for defense to retire the offense in softball?
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How many outs must the defense get in order to switch to offense in softball?

3 outs must be made defensively for a half inning to come to an end

What nfl quarterback played both offense and defense?

In the early 19 hundreds many QB's played offense and defense.

How many players are on offense in NFL?

In American football there are 11 players on defense as well as offense.

How many players can be on offense in basketball?

5 people on offense and 5 people on defense.

How many players start in football?

22- 11 offense 11 defense

How many people are on offense and defense in the game of football?

On the field of play during a game there are 11 players on both offense and defense. On a team, where the active roster consists of 45 players, there is usually a breakdown of 21 or 22 players on both offense and defense. Two of the 45 players on the active roster are kickers (punter and placekicker) so that leaves 43 players to breakdown between offense and defense.

How many football players is on offense and defense on the field?

Eleven (11) on each side.

How many offensive players can be on the field at once in football?

11 on defense 11 on offense

How many players on field in ncaa football?

22: 11 on offense and 11 on defense

How many people on offense in basketball?

5 people on offense and defense, they have to be the same players, and if you want to substitute someone, you have to wait for the next dead ball

How many player are on the field during a football game including offense and defense?

62 jk

The best offense is a good defence?

That is generally not the case. The best offense will usually win many games and get you to the playoffs, but the best defense always proves to win championships. Thus, the Boston Celtics have won while the Phoenix Suns have not.