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three ways, two pointers,three pointers andfoul shots

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2007-11-07 23:31:56
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Q: How many ways can points be scored in basketball?
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How many different ways can a basketball player score nine points in a game?

In basketball a player is able to score 1point, 2points, or 3 points. There are 12 possible ways to score nine points.

How many ways to score ten points in basketball?

Shot from the otherside of the court

When Basketball shots are worth 1 2 or 3 points In how many ways can a player score 9 points?


What are the ways to score points in basketball?

u shoot the ball

How many ways are there to pass a basketball?

There are 5 ways i think

How is track and field scored?

Track is scored in many ways. In a relay such as 4 by 4 and 4 by 8 the winning team gets 5 points that's with all relays. the losing team gets none. in track and field events first place is 5 points second is 3 points third is 1 point. That's basically how its scored hope I answered ur question.

How many ways a player can be ejected in basketball?


How many ways can you score 15 points in a basketball game?

Well... 1 pt is a free throw and 2 pts for regular FG, 3 pts for a long FG. So basically about 30 ways.

How can you get points in Pokemon Crystal version?

there are many ways to get points in poemon

How many different ways can the letter basketball be arranged?


What is the most points ever scored in a single game?

That all depends on what sort of game you're talking about. They all have different ways of scoring.

What are two ways that you can get three points on one basketball play?

The only way you can get three points is to score a 3-pointer, by shooting and getting a basket from behind the 3-point line.

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