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I don't know how many ways, but here are the ones that I can think of.

The batter hits a home run. (Even though he passes the base, he still reaches it)

The batter hits a triple.

The batter hits a double.

The batter hits a ground-rule double.

The batter hits a ball that gets stuck or lost in the outfield wall (or ivy) or other structure.

The batter hits a single, but a fielder's error allows the batter to take an extra base.

I can't think of any others.

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Q: How many ways can a batter reach second base?
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How many ways can a batter reach first base in softball?

A batter can get a hit.A batter can walk.A batter can get hit by a pitch.A batter can run out a drop third strike and make it safely.A batter can reach first base on an error.A batter can reach first base because of a fielder's choice to make a play elsewhere.

How many ways to score from second base?

You can score from second base several ways. First, you can score on a single if it is hit far enough. You can also score on an error. You can steal third and make it home on a bunt or a hit. You can reach home from second base with a sacrifice hit, or an extra base hit by the batter.

In major league baseball how many can a batter reach first base without getting a hit?

They can reach 1st base via walk, error, hit by pitch or fielder's choice.

How many ways can a batter get to base without a hit?

You can reach base without a hit via the following: 1. Walk (aka Base on Balls) 2. Hit by Pitch 3. Fielding or Throwing Error 4. Passed Ball on Strike Three (The pitch gets away from the catcher after a swing and miss strike 3 and the batter can reach 1st base before the catcher throws to the 1st baseman) 5. Reach on Fielder's Choice (another baserunner is thrown out) That's all I can think of.

How many ways can a batter in major league baseball reach 1 base saftley?

1. Base on balls 2. Base hit 3. Fielder's choice (the batter hits the ball and the fielder throws to another base, not 1st base, to get an out.) 4. Hit by pitch 5. Error by a fielder 6. Dropped third strike and the batter beats the throw to first 7. Catcher's interference

How many feet from second base to third base in Major League Baseball?

The distance from second base to third base in MLB is 90 feet

How many batters play on each inning of baseball?

If they all get out and fail to reach base, then only 3 bat. Of course, there can be more if players reach base.

How many errors in second base did derek jeter have at the beginning with the Yankees?

what was derek jeters highest error playing second base

If the pitchers mound is 60 ft from home plate how many seconds does it take a 75-mph pitch to reach home plate?

75 miles per hour is about 110 feet per second. So a pitch thrown at that speed will reach home plate in a little more than half a second (about .55 seconds). A pitch thrown at 90 MPH will reach the batter in about a tenth of a second less (.45 seconds).

How many ways can a batter get to first basewithout hitting the ball?

The ways a batter can reach base: 1. Base hit. 2. Base on balls. 3. Intentional base on balls. 4. Hit by pitch. 5. Error. 6. Fielder's choice. 7. Catcher's interference. I believe that's it.

How many ways can a player reach base in baseball?

A player can reach 1st Base on a Hit, a Walk, or an Error. [A Balk is an Error on the Pitcher, and a Passed Ball is an Error by the Catcher.]

A batter hits a home run with runners on first and second but the batter is called out when he touches firstbase and still has the bat in his hands how many bases do the base-runners get?

if the ball is hit out of the park and he gets called out because of that then the runs are forced in beause it was a home run

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How many feet from first base in professional baseball to second base?

90 feet

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How many bases are in softball?

there are 4 bases in softball, homeplate, first base, second base, third base...

How many consecutive at bats did Ted Williams reach base safely?


How many total bases are there in a baseball infield?

Four. First base, second base, third base and home plate.

How many pitches are there in softball?

Its just like baseball, 3 Strikes- Batter is out 4 Balls- Batter gets a free walk to first base

If there are 3 players bases loaded and the batter hits a home run how many runs are scored?

4, one for each base and the batter themselves.

How many players on field in fast-pitch softball?

Usually there are nine players on the field. The first base player, second base player, shortstop player, third base player, pitcher, catcher, right field player, left field player, and center field player. This does not include the opposite teams batter.

There are nine players on baseball how many ways can the coach choose players for the first base second base third base and shortstop?


What does hit and run mean in baseball and when is it used?

A hit and run is when there is a baserunner, lets say on first base, and the runner takes off for second after the pitch as if he is trying to steal. The batter will swing at the pitch and try to put the ball in play. If the batter is successful and can get a base hit, the runner will probably advance one extra base than normal because he was running with the pitch. If the batter swings and misses or the defensive team called a pitchout, the runner will attempt to steal second base. If the batter hits a line drive at one of the infielders that is caught, chances are the runner will be doubled up for a double play. The hit and run is a risky play that can used as a way to open up holes in the infield for a batter to hit the ball through and as a way to create runs for a team that does not have many power hitters in their lineup. Click on the 'Hit and Run' link on this page to read more about the hit and run and how it is used.

How many strikes or balls well the batter get up to?

A batter may get up to 3 strikes and 4 balls. After the third strike the batter goes back to his bench. After 4 balls he advances to 1st base.

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