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There are just three warnings

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Q: How many warnings do people get in race walking?
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How many ice warnings were there on the titanic?

they recieved 7 warnings but ignored them all because they wanted to win a race called the blue ribbon.

When was Race Walking Association created?

Race Walking Association was created in 1907.

What was the first race in the world?

The walking race is regarded as the first race in the world. Before the invention of technology human beings always participated in walking race.

What is average time of men race walking?

The answer depends on how long the race is!

How many people race motocross?

about 30 people race in a motocross and u race all around the world

How many people can enter the Iditarod race?

less than 150 people can enter the race. less than 150 people can enter the race.

What are the rules for race walking?

thear is none

How many people race in the Iditarod?

About 32 people

What is a weird Olympic event?

Race walking (a.k.a speed walking) is an olympic event. NO JOKE!

If I am walking then I must be running but if I am running I may be walking What am I?

You may be an entrant in a Marathon (26.2 mile) race. The entrants are called runners in the race, but, while many can and do run, some may have to walk for part (or all!) of it. Even so, they are still Marathon 'runners', which means official participants in the race.Quote: "More than 17,000 people run in the Los Angeles Marathon every year." ~'Marathons' eHow.comSo, even if you are just walking in the marathon, then you must be one of the runners, 'running' in that event. Similarly, and to put round the other way, even if you are running in that race, you may actually be walking, for at least some, if not all, of the full 26.2 miles. In fact, many people are happy to just walk the entire distance. This is acceptable and within the rules."Run the Marathon! Can't run? That's OK! You can walk!"

What does Rat race mean in mrs frisby and Rats of NIMH?

I think Rat Race that is a collection of many people , many things together. Race as well as many ancestry come together to create race.

Is it illegal to put hispanic on a ticket for race?

No. While Hispanic is not actually a race, many people confuse race and ethnicity.

How does a chicken cross a race track?

by walking really fast

How many players are in a team in the chariot race?

Normally in a traditional chariot race its 4 people

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There are many smart (and stupid) people, men and women, from every race in the world.

How many people enter the iditarod race?


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What are the three races that are started by standing up?

1: Walking Race 2: Cross Country Race 3: Relay race :) Hope I Helped

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Race does not affect the amount of bones a person has. All people, regardless of race, have the same number of bones.

What is the average speed for world record mens walking race?


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How many people are in a sprint cycling race?

approxamitely 500