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Q: How many volly ball players in national and international team?
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The total number of players in a volly ball team?

six at a time on court

What is the equipments and materials in volly ball?

Most use knee pads, and some elbow pads. Also they use wrist guards sometimes.

Who is the father of Volly ball?

William G.Morgan

Is a volly ball hard enough to kill a person?


Smasher is associated with which sport in the football?

volly ball

What part of the hand should you use to set the ball in volly ball?


What are least played sports in high school?

volly ball

When was National Association of baseball Players created?

National Association of Base Ball Players was created in 1857.

How does Kyra Holt in volly ball do her serves?

she does a topspin jump serve

When did National Association of Professional baseball Players end?

National Association of Professional Base Ball Players ended in 1875.

Fun games to play at a party?

you can play games you can play in the pool is Marco polo, chicken, shark, and you mite culd play volly ball idk . games u can play outside the pool volly ball, race, and many more

When was volleyball made?

volly ball was made when a buch of prostitutes started beating a homless man