How many visits to the mound per game?

Updated: 12/21/2022
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Q: How many visits to the mound per game?
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How many times can a manager make a pitching change in a inning?

As many as he wants however the manager is only allowed one mound visit per pitcher before he has to take that pitcher out of the game.

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How many trips to the mound before a pitcher must be removed I know the second visit per inning requires removal but how many can be done for an entire game?

In MLB, there is no limit for the game ... only for an inning. On the second visit for a particular pitcher in an inning, that pitcher must be removed from the game.

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How many visits can a pitcher get from a mananger in a game using the speedup rule?

In Major League Baseball there is no limit per game, but on the second visit in an inning, the pitcher must be replaced. Therefore, in a 9-inning game, a manager could visit the starting pitcher 9 times.

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How long can a coach be at the mound when he visits the pitcher?

If time has been called, a manager, all of his coaches, and any number of players from the field of play could, in theory, come to the mound to converse with the pitcher and each other. You will probably note that, when this happens, the umpire also comes there, in order to ensure they are actually discussing baseball strategy and not trying to stall. Note, however, that a non-player can come to the mound only once per inning -- if either a coach OR a manager does so in an inning, the pitcher must be removed.