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millions of people saw the Beijing Olympics in person

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Q: How many visitors saw the Beijing Olympics?
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What visitors saw the star from the?

The visitors to my house can see the stars from my garden.

Who is the fastest sprinter in the world today?

Usain "the lightning bolt" Bolt. I saw him competed in the Beijing Olympics two years ago, and let me you, who ran through that track liked there was no tomorrow.

List the potential profits for a city that host the olympic games?

Cities may want to host the Olympics for several reasons. Of course, there is the prestige in holding such an important event. Cities generate a lot of revenue from visitors during the games, as well as from sponsors. Being in the global spotlight is also great publicity for future visitors! Athens (and Greece in general) and Barcelona saw major boosts to their tourist industries after their turns hosting the games, while Atlanta saw a boost in international business. Preparation for the Olympics also provides strong motivation for cities to make improvments to last after the games are over. For example, the Chinese made strong efforts in reducing pollution in Beijing, while the infrastructure in Athens was given some major upgrades.

Why you should go to the olympics?

we should go to the Olympics because we can have fun there and learn something from the things we saw in the Olympics like if we saw some tricks on football you can use it when you are playing football as well.

How do you think visitors reacted when they saw the Lowell mills?

it supports it by nothing

What did visitors see at world fairs?

saw exotic sights, such as elephants

Which city lies at about the same latitude as Washington DC?

Beijing i saw it on a map in school.

What did tennis and diving occur during these Olympics?

nehw i saw a retsgnuoy

Beijing Olympics 2008 little girl who mimicked the song for the opening ceremony?

The little girl whom the world saw, and thought was singing, was 9 year old Lin Miaoke. The little girl whose voice was heard, but was not seen, was 7 year old Yang Peiyi.

What were the early Greek Olympics like?

they were naked and woman saw them and little kid

Where is the visitors section in darrell k royal memorial stadium?

its the loud PURPLE section that just saw their team WIN

Is there aeropostale in China?

Yes. Although Aero is not at all popular in China. I only saw one Aeropostale store in Beijing, China.

What event in the 2012 Olympics saw eight competitors disqualified for not using best efforts?


How do you think visitors reacted when they saw the Lowell mills during the Industrial Revolution?

People were impressed by how much this mill could really do.

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How many Gold Silver and Bronze medals did the US win in the Beijing 2008 Olympics?

The United States won 110 medals at the 2008 Summer Olympics - broken down into 36 golds, 38 silvers, and 36 bronzes. This includes winning all three medals in three events - the women's Sabre competition, the men's 400 metres sprint, and 400 metres hurdles. The 2008 Summer Paralympics saw the United States win 36 golds, 35 silvers, and 28 bronzes.

Are there kid athletes?

Certainly. We saw some competing in the Olympics. Theres tons unknown

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I just saw Tilghman on MSMBC doing an interview for the Olympics.

What did chris hoy achieve in the Olympics?

because he saw all the other people achieving in the olyimpics and thought he could do it

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How did eminem become a rapper?

Dr Dre discovered Eminem when he saw him perform at the Rap Olympics. Dr Dre then signed him.

Who won the women's gymnastics silver medal in the 1984 Olympics?

I saw referenced to this on a TV program and wondered what is the girls name.

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Why were the Olympics banned in 393?

The Olympics were banned in 393 AD by the Roman Emperor Theodosius. At that time, Christianity was the religion of the Roman Empire. The Emperor saw the Olympic Games as a pagan celebration in honor of pagan gods.