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Q: How many units are women allowed in a week?
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How many units of alcohol is one person allowed in one week?


How many units can a women drink per week?

for a man it's 21unit a week and for a woman it's 14unit

How many units of alchol can a women have a week?

1 4 units for woman in aweek is the recommended amount according to the bbc news website

How many units of alcohol should a woman have weekly?

14 units for a woman per week

What does alcohol damage in your body?

Alcohol is a depressant which alters your behaviour and slows down the nervous system. It highly damages your liver and your brain by slowing the nervous systems. There is a specific amount that people should take when drinking alcohol. Men are allowed to drink 21 units a week, whilst women can only drink 14 units a week.

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