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Q: How many undefeated men's college basketball teams are there in Division I of the NCAA at the moment?
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Is Jeff goodman a basketball player?

At the moment he is a draft prospect, he is in College at the moment about to get drafted in to the NBA.

What song are they playing on ESPN during college basketball highlights?

One Shining Moment

What is the best sports college in California?

the best in basketball at the moment is ucla the best in football is usc

What is Eureka College's motto?

Eureka College's motto is 'The Moment of Discovery'.

Say any memorable moment?

my unforgettable moment when i passed my 12th exam in first division and i was the topper of my friend circle i was fully enjoyed that moment so i think that moment unforgettable for me in my life.

How many NCAA basketball championships has Gonzaga won?

None at the moment

What is a ballhandler?

A ballhandler is a person in basketball who is handling the ball at any moment.

Michael Jordan what was your favorite moment in basketball?

going against a good opponent.

Will there be college years on Hannah Montana?

No, the season at the moment is/was finished.

What's the name of the song - a male's voice is singing... one shining moment?

That's the name of the song: "One Shining Moment". It was written for the Men's College Basketball Tournament, by a guy called Dave Barrett. Barrett himself sings it, also Teddy Pendergrass and Luther Vandross. Don' t know which one you heard.

Can there be 6 players on a basketball team?

Not on the floor at one time. Only 5 can play at any given moment. But when you say team, that means the whole team which includes starters and substitutes. There can be 15 on an NBA team, and 13 on a college team.

How do you tell most memorable moment in your college life with answer?

Most memorable moment in my college life was happened at the College Day Function where two of my Friends got 1st prize, one is for 100% Attendance and the other is for Tamil Oratorical Competition. At the same moment, one more friend of mine sang a song in the stage. All our class mates and other department students enjoyed the College Day function.

Who is the most winningest college football coach?

at this moment, joe paterno.

Who's the best basketball player in the universe at the moment?

For the 2009-2010 season, that would be LeBron James.

What division are the Az Cardinals in?

The Az Cardinals can also be known at the Arizona Cardinals, and are an American football team. At the moment, the Az Cardinals are in the Western Division of the National Football Conference.

Who is the falcon guy in state farm insurance commercial?

His name is Tony Brooks. He is my head basketball coach at the moment.

What is the best party college?

I think it's a Costume parties. Everyone has the freedom to express how they want to be reminded at the last moment in college.

What is the value of 1991 Dennis Rodman basketball card by SkyBox?

less than 30 cents, not even worth selling at the moment.

What is the required height of a basketball player to join an amateur or professional league?

There is no required height. The shortest person in the NBa at the moment is 5'5. there is none

Who is the shortest nba basketball player?

At the moment it is Earl Boykins, he stands at 5'5. The shortest ever was Tyrone 'Muggsy' Bogues, he stands at 5'3.

A basketball is rolled down the court A regulation basketball has a diameter of 24.1 cm a mass of 0.60 kg and a moment of inertia of 5.8 10-3 kg m2 The basketball's initial velocity is 5.0 ms?


According to Helen Keller What was her proudest moment?

Helen Keller stated that her proudest moment was graduating with honors from Radcliffe College. Keller was a writer and an activist as well as a member the Socialist Party of America.

Where is Emma Watson at the moment?

She is attending college in the United States.(as of 14 Sept 2009)For info about the college - see Related Question below.

What is the stronger side of nba western or eastern?

at this moment the western side of basketball has won 6 titles and the eastern side has won only 4

Who is the best basketball player on the planet?

At the moment, Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers is the best basketball player in this generation. lebron James is way better than Kobe.lebron will destroy Kobe any day in b-ball.