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Q: How many types of snowboards are made by Burton?
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Where can womens snowboards be bought?

Women's snowboards can be purchased at many retail shops such as SportChek and Play It Again Sports. One could also purchase snowboards at Burton. They have a wide selection of snowboards available for men, women and children.

Where can one read reviews about Burton Dominant Snowboards?

The best place to look for reviews about Burton Dominant Snowboards is going to be on a website that sells the boards. REI is one distributor of the boards and offers a variety of reviews for many of their boards. Hope this helps!

Where would one be able to purchase a Burton Vapor snowboard?

There are many online websites that sell Burton Vapor snowboards. The best website that you should purchase from would be the official website called Burton.

Are there any snowboards that are made in Rome?

Yes, there are actually many snowboards made in Rome. In fact, there is a wide variety of different snowboards and styles made in Rome, and Rome, New York as well.

What are some features of the Burton co2 binding?

Some of the features of the Burton co2 binding are light weight, comfortable and a great binding. Many people love to use this a lot more other snowboards.

Will Burton snowboards only take Burton bindings?

yes Burton is a brand and only sticks with there brand no that above statement is not true...there are many bindings that ARNT Burton and will of my friends has a Burton feather and ride bindings so some do fit...just to make sure ask whoever your buying them from if they know anything about it

Where can one purchase Burton Cartel bindings?

Burton Cartel bindings can be brought from many different winter sport stores depending on where you're located. You can buy them online as well from retailers such as We love burton snowboards, We love mountains, Blue Tomato Online and there are even some eBay shops selling them.

How many types of snowboards are there?

There are 3 main types of snowboards * Freestyle specific snowboards are shorter in length with a centered stance and turned up tip and tail that are the same. * Freeride snowboards are normally longer with a stance that's set back of center with a longer nose and a shorter tail. * Alpine/Carving snowboards use hard boots and a very stiff directional board with both snowboard-binding angles being positive(pointing toward the tip).

Is Bryan Burton a midget snowboarder?

Bryan Burton is actually midget with a 10.7 inch penis, when flacid. He has acted in many films, including Nasty Gnomes 4, Short but not Small 2, and also Big things in Little Packages. He snowboards recreationally in Telluride and Jackson Hole.

How many snowboards are purchased each year?

There is approximately 31000 snowboards bought each year

Where can one order Smokin Snowboards from?

There are many places where one can order Smokin Snowboards. One can order Smokin Snowboards from popular on the web sources such as the official Smokin Snowboards website, Dog Funk, and Eternal Snipe.

How many snowboards are there world wide?

a lot (100,352,952)