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Q: How many trys have the french rugby team scored?
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Names of french rugby team?

l'équipe de France = French national rugby team les Bleus = the Blues (nickname)

Which rugby team scored 162 points?

new zealand vs japan

What is you love the French rugby team in French?

Vous aimez l'équipe de France de rugby

What is a famous french rugby team?


What rugby union team is the dirtiest in the world?

The dertiest rugby union in the world is the French

Where is the french rugby team located in France?

The French Rugby team is hosted in the sports centre of Marcoussis, a small town 26 km south-west of Paris. (links goes to the town's page on Wikipedia and to the French Rugby Federation site)

What is the French rugby team in French?

In French, the phrase "the French rugby team" is "l'équipe de France de rugby". If you are interested in this topic, there is a link below to great site. Addition The answer above is correct. But it is also called "Le quinze de France" (The 15 from France)

How many players are on a amateur rugby team?

It depends how many people are on a rugby team.

What is the name of the french womens rugby team coach?


Who is best player in French rugby team?

Aureline rougerie

What are the names of the people in the dublins rugby team?

There is no single Dublin rugby team. There are many rugby teams in Dublin.

How many players do rugby team has?

A rugby union team has 15 players. A rugby league team (a slightly different sport) has 13.