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Q: How many trophys have Manchester United since Manchester United was formed?
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How long as evra played for Manchester united?

He has been in Manchester United since 2006.

How many times have Manchester united won premier league since 1992?

Manchester united have won 12

How many trophies have Manchester united won since 1999?

Manchester United might have wo eighteen trophies in total they have won since 1996 25 trophies.

Who has won more trophies in last since year 2000 Liverpool fc or Manchester united?

Manchester United have won more trophies then Liverpool since 2000.

Who is the coach of Manchester united 2009?

Sir Alex Ferguson has been the manager of Manchester united since the mid 80's...

How many times did Manchester united win the champions league since 1999 to 2011?

Manchester United have won it twice, in 1999 and 2008.

How many goalhas Rooney scored since he has been at the club Manchester united?

Wayne Rooney has scored 131 goals at Manchester United since he joined in the 2004-05 season.

How many cups Manchester united has won since they were found?


Which English club has many premiership titles?

Manchester United Arsenal Chelsea Blackburn Rovers These are the only 4 teams to have won the FA Premier League with Manchester United taking the most titles since the Premier League was formed in the 90's you have forgot Liverpool

How many times have Manchester United won the Premier League in the last 10 years?

Since 2000, Manchester United have won the Premiership 6 times.

Who was the manager for Manchester united football club in 1987?

Manchester United's manager, since November 1986, including the whole of 1987, has been Alex Ferguson.

Who won more trophies since 1975 man united or Liverpool?

It is Manchester United over Liverpool.

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