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Q: How many trophies has Kenny dalglish won?
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How many trophies has Dalglish won as Liverpool manager?

1 the 2011/2012 carling cup

Are Liverpool fc the bestst?

Liverpool ARE the best as they have won the most trophies in the historic era that included the King Kenny Dalglish! They even celebrate their 125th Anniversary in 6 years!

Who was Liverpool football club manager the last time they won the league?

Kenny dalglish in 1990 Kenny dalglish in 1990

How many current premiership managers have won trophies of any kind whilst managing in the Premiership?

Six - Sir Alex Ferguson,Roberto Mancini,Arsene Wenger,Harry Redknapp,Kenny Dalglish,Alex Mcleish

Who won the most international caps for Scotland?

Kenny Dalglish with 102 appearances.

Who has won most fa cups as manager?

Kenny Dalglish has won the most F.A cups as a manager.

Scousers who have won premiership medals?

Nicholas Anelka, Paul Ince, Kenny Dalglish

Which player won three European Cups with Liverpool FC?

Kenny dalglish of course

How many managers have won English league titles with different clubs?

brian clough derby and forest Kenny dalglish Liverpool and blackburn

Which Coach has won the premier league with two different clubs?

Kenny dalglish(blackburn and Liverpool)

Managers have won English league title with different clubs?

"King" Kenny Dalglish - LFC and Blackburn

Has Kenny dalglish won a premier league medal?

Yes he won it with blackburn in 1994/95 season after promoting then from the championship in 1991 what a manager

Who is the only player to have won medals for the League Championship the Cup and the League Cup in England and Scotland?

Kenny dalglish

How many current premier league managers have won European cup?

paul lambert kenny dalglish martin o neill

Who has won the most international soccer caps for Scotland?

England or Chelsea or Liverpool I think it is Kenny Dalglish.

Which manager has won the domestic league in England with two different teams?

Kenny Dalglish with Liverpool & Blackburn Rovers

How many trophies has AC milan won?

they have won 105 trophies

How many trophies arsenal won?

arsenal have won 27 trophies in could 3 major trophies

Scousers who have won the premiership?

Nicholas Anelka, Paul Ince, Kenny Dalglish what?? lol I'm pretty sure Anelka is French not scouse, Ince is from London, and Dalglish is Scottish the answer is.... Wayne Rooney Mike Newell, Francies Jeffers

How many trophies have Chelsea won all together?

They have won 23 trophies

Who is the most capped Scottish footballer of all time?

Kenny Dalglish of Celtic and Liverpool won 102 caps and is the most capped Scotland player.

How many trophies have Liverpool won altogether?

Liverpool have won 58 trophies in all.

How many trophies has Celtic won?

Celtic has won 75 trophies since 1990.

How many trophies has Gary Neville won?

He won a lot of trophies at man utd

How many title trophies have Liverpool won?

Liverpool have won eighteen title trophies