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Q: How many trophies has Barcelona FC Won till Date?
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How many trophies does Barcelona FC have?

80 trophies in all competitions, from the time in was founded till now (2013).

How many trophies has Jose mourihno won?

He had lifted 21 trophies till the date.

How many trophies has Manchester United Won till Date?


How many trophies real Madrid won till now?

Real Madrid have won 55 trophies this years Co pa Del Rey cup included.

How many trophies have Barcelona football club won till now?

F.C. Barcelona have won 19 League Titles, 25 Copa del Rey titles, 2 Copa de La liga (now defunct), 8 Supercopa de Espana, 3 Champions League titles, 4 UEFA Cup Winners' Cup (defunct), 3 Inter-Cities Fairs Cup and 3 Uefa Super Cups in addition to many minor trophies.

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i only know about UEFA cup so they have 17 cups till yet..

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