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they have won 105 trophies

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2013-10-18 12:47:10
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Q: How many trophies has AC milan won?
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Total number of trophies won by ac milan in their footballing history?

AC Milan has won a total of twenty eight trophies. AC Milan is based in Milan with San Siro as its home stadium.

Who has won more trophies juventus or ac Milan?

It should be a.c. Milan is better as they have won more Champion league cups.

Between ac milan and real Madrid which club won more trophies?

Real Madrid.

Who is better ac Milan or Arsenal?

In my opinion, Ac milan is better because they have more experienced players and they have won more leagues and trophies than Arsenal.

How many trophies has ac Milan?

Ac Milan is the most succsessful Club in the earth. By Collecting 17 National and 18 International trophies, rossoneri comes to first rank of club.

Who got the more trophies boca juniors or ac Milan?

Ac Milan has 18 international trophies, while Boca Juniors has 17

What team is better real Madrid or ac Milan?

Real Madrid have won more trophies over the years.

Which soccer club in the world has won most international trophies?

AC Milan of Italy and Boca Juniors of Argentina

How many times have ac Milan won champions league?

Ac Milan have won the Champions League 7 times

How many Champion League Cups did AC Milan win?

AC Milan has won 7 champions league trophies with there most recent win in Athens against Liverpool where they won the cup for the seventh time. The team that has won the champions league the most is Real Madrid who have won it 9 times but are utter crap.

How many titles has ac milan won?


Who is better AC Milan or Juventus?

juventus and ac milan are to good but ac milan won's more championshipsac milan won less championships in ItalyI think that Milan has won more championships and so has more experience...

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