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Derby County's trophy haul under Brian Clough started with topping the Second Division table in the 1968-69 season. He won the 1970 Watney Cup, and won the double of the First Division and the Texaco Cup in the 1971-72 season.

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Q: How many trophies did derby county win under Brian Clough?
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Who is the captain of derby county football club?

Nigel Clough, son of derby legend Brian Clough

Who has won the English top league as player or manager with 2 different clubs?

Brian Clough Derby County & Nottingham Forest

Is Nottingham in derby?

No, in fact they are rival cities and the question may actually offend people from Nottingham, which has problems with gun crime, and Derby, which has its own problems with drugs. Nottingham is located at 52°57′N 1°08′W, while Derby is located at 52°55.32′N 1°28.55′W. They are both cities in the East Midlands, Nottingham has a population of 666,358, while Derby has a more slender 236,300. They are geographically around fifty miles apart. The rivalry between the two cities arose chiefly between Derby County Football Club and Nottingham Forest Football Club, who were, in the 1970s, both powerhouses in English football. Brian Clough, a legendary manager for Derby County and later Nottingham Forest became a hero for both clubs and the "Brian Clough Trophy" is contested for between the two clubs. In Derby there also exists a "Brian Clough Business Park", and the road linking Nottingham and Derby (the A52) was renamed "Brian Clough Way". Brian Clough's son, Nigel Clough is the manager of Burton Albion Football Club, a semi-professional outfit based in Burton, around ten miles south of Derby, who play in the Blue Square Premier, the fifth tier of the English pyramid, as of Novemeber 2008.

How many managers have won the league title for Manchester united?

Three although Ferguson is the only manager to have won the Premier League Title.

Who were the only 3 managers to win the English Premiership or First Division with two different teams?

Kenny Dalglish - Blackburn and Liverpool Brian Clough - Nottingham Forest and Derby County Herbert Chapman - Arsenal and Huddersfield

How did Brian Clough die?

Brian Clough died of stomach cancer on 20 September, 2004, on Ward 30 of Derby City Hospital, at the age of 69, having been admitted a few days earlier. More than 14,000 people attended his memorial service.

Who is the best football manager in the world?

Probably Brian Clough, who is the subject of the critically acclaimed film "The Damned United". Brian Clough was notable for his extreme levels of arrogance, although it did seem as though he was perfectly entitled to be as arrogant as he was, for his management skills did justify it somewhat. Brian Clough brought great success to Hartlepool United and Derby County, two underachieving clubs, even progressing as far as the last four of European competitions with Derby County. This was followed by unsuccessful stances at Brighton & Hove Albion, and also Leeds United, although his stay at the latter was marred by a general unwillingness of players to play with him at the helm. He then silenced his critics by bringing the languishing Nottingham Forest, a team engrossed in bitter rivalry with his former employer Derby County, to back-to-back European titles.

When was Derby County L.F.C. created?

Derby County L.F.C. was created in 1995.

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What is the county town of derby shire?


What do derby county come out to?

Derby County currently come out to Steve Bloomer's Watching.

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