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Q: How many trophies did Donald Bradman achieve?
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How many fours did sir don bradman hit?

Donald bradman scored 416 fours

How many times did Donald Bradman go out?


How many tests did Donald Bradman play for Australia?

52 test matches

How many runs did Donald bradman make in last test match innings?

not enough

How many Test centuries did Sir Donald Bradman score against India?


How many first class centuries scored by Sir Donald Bradman?

117 centuries in 234 matches.

How many runs did sir Donald bradman score in odi?

He's never played in ODI matches.

In Donald Bradman's career how many runs did he score?

During Donald Bradman's career, he made a total of 211 centuries, played 80 tests for Australia and made 6996 test runs. It is unknown how many other runs he made prior to test cricket, and in informal matches.

How many test centuries did bradman score?

Don Bradman scored two test triple centuries as well as a 299 not out against South Africa.

How did sir Donald bradman impact the lives of Australia's?

Well there were a number of reasons. He shot many foreiners was the biggest one. And raped my cat

How many children does Donald bradman have?

he had 3 children, first one died 1936, second named John was born in 1939 and his daughter Shirley was born in 1941.

Australian Depression and Don Bradman?

Sir Donald Bradman became a sporting idol for Australians during the great depression. His influence over the mood of Australia at that time was great, while many Australians were struggling through the grim days of the Depression, Bradman lit up the nation. He is known as the best cricketer of all time and his test batting average is 99.94. JaesonD2