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Q: How many triple bogeys has tiger woods had in his career?
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What is the secret achievement in tiger woods 09?

1. shot limit exceeded 2. score 10 double bogeys

What is a highlight of Tiger Woods career?

Winning his first masters

What athlete has earned the most money over their career?

Tiger Woods

What is tiger woods career earnings not including endorsements?

6.5 million dollars

What will Tiger Woods will be remembered for?

One thing that Tiger Woods will be remembered for is what a great golfing career he had and his many achievements as the number one professional golf player in the world.

What accomplishments did Tiger Woods have in his career?

Well balanced career that allowed him to have great results in both golf and bed.

How much money has Tiger Woods won during his lifetime on the PGA tour?

Tiger Woods' career earning on the PGA Tour is $87,832,539. (Source PGA Tour website)

Who's worth more Hannah Montana or Tiger Woods?

Tiger Woods. He made $110 million in 2008-09 alone and has earned a total of $1 billion over his career.

How many career eagles does Tiger Woods have?


What is Tiger Woods career record in professional tournaments?

Eveyone knows that Tiger is a BEAST. He just won his 62nd career tournament. The Bucik. He has won like 5 years running.

Did Tiger Woods play the U.S. Open in 1993?

No, he didn't start his career as a pro until 1997.

What did Tiger Woods do?

He doesn't do anything for a job. He plays golf for a career. You can get money playing pro golf.