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Bryan Habana has scored 31 tries to date for the Springboks.

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Q: How many tries has Habana scored in his rugby career?
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Number of tries Bryan habana scored?

31 from 43 tests

How many tries were scored in the 2011 rugby world cup?

262 tries were scored in the 2011 Rugby World Cup.

How many tries did Jonah lomu scored in his career?

37 international tries, including a record 15 in Rugby World Cup matches.

Who scored the most tries in his entire rugby career?

That is uncertain. You have to compare amount of tries to caps (test match appearances). Tries Matches Daisuke Ohata 69 in 58 (Jpn) David Campese has 64 in 101 (Aus) Rorry Underwood 50 in 90 (Eng) But the best ratio of trys to matches, about 1.2 tries a match, is Bryan Habana's record of 30 tries in 35 caps.

Who had the most tries in a Rugby World Cup match?

Jonah Lomu and Bryan Habana both have 8 tries in A Rugby World Cup. According to me Jonah Lomu is the best rugby player of all time. I believe that 8 tries was his own.

What is the most tries Ireland have scored in an International rugby match?


How many tries were scored in rugby world cup 1995?


How many tries has Manu Vatuvei scored in his whole career?

Manu Vatuvei scored 89 tries in Warriors.

How many tries were scored in the pool stage of the 2011 rugby world cup?

In 2011 across all groups there were 241 tries scored.

Who has scored the most tries in a single Rugby League game?

Martin Offiah & Shaun Edwards scored 10 tries in a match for Wigan in 1992

How many tries has greg inglis scored in his career?

Greg Inglis has scored 78

WHO HAS Scored the most tries for an Australian rugby player?

David Campese with 64

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