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Q: How many track pads does the m1a2 have?
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How many form a crew in a m1a2 tank?

I am a tanker currently stationed in Korea, and I am a gunner on an M1A2. Tanks have a four man crew. Driver, Loader, Gunner, and Tank Commander.

Have they made the M1A2?


What is the us' main battle tank?

M1a2 stats: 125mm smoothbore cannon,1500 hp and manual loader

What is the 3 common variants of mouse?

Track pads , Trackballs and Pointer

M1a2 size in milimeters?

It is 9830 mm long.

How many pads does a wolf have?

16 pads

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How many M1A2's does the US have in its arsenal?

Supposedly 8800 M1A1 and M1A2's have been built, most if not all of the M1A1's have been upgraded. All but about 1300 are in the US arsenal, with the others going to Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait. The Army has the vast majority of them with the Marine Corps having several hundred.

What is the size of the biggest tank ever?

M1A2 Abrams. 68 tons of steel.

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The variants of computer mouse are: Track pads Trackballs and pointer Integrated Pointing Device

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