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Q: How many tournaments must a pro enter to keep his pga tour card?
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How many tournaments did Jack Nicklaus enter?


How many grand slam tournaments did Pete Sampras enter?

52; he won 14

How many golfers will it take to make a good golf tournament?

Many golfers enter in tournaments. It can be anywhere from 40-100

Who was the player to get a red card in world cup football?

Many players have been sent off in many FIFA World Cup tournaments.

What are the different kinds of tournaments?

There are many different types of tournaments. Tournaments can be involved with sports. Tournaments can also be involved with games, such as chess or cards. Tournaments can also be academic.

How many games does a player misses after red card in CAF tournaments?

i play soccer myself......... I think that you miss 1 or 2 games

How many time have Denmark entered the world cup?

They didn't enter until 1958. They have since entered into all the tournaments except 1962. That is 13 tournaments in all 1958,1966,1970,1974,1978,1982,1986,1990,1994,1998,2002,2006 and 2010. They've qualified 4 times - 1986,1998,2002 and 2010.

How many times did Holland qualify for the FIFA World Cup?

From nineteen World Cups to date, including the 2010 competition, the Netherlands have qualified on nine occasions. The team did not enter the 1930 competition, reached the first round in the 1934 and 1938 tournaments, did not enter the 1950 and 1954 tournaments, did not qualify for the 1958, 1962, 1966 and 1970 tournaments, reached the final of the 1974 and 1978 tournaments, did not qualify for the 1982 and 1986 tournaments, reached the last 16 of the 1990 tournament, reached the quarter finals of the 1994 tournament, achieved fourth place in the 1998 tournament, did not qualify for the 2006 tournament, and have qualified for the 2010 tournament. This is a total of nine qualifications from 19 competitions.

How many tournaments did Ben Hogan win?

He won 64 professional tournaments.

How many times did Chuck Norris win in martial arts?

182-10-2Chuck Norris doesnt enter tournaments.

How many NCAA tournaments have there been?

There have been 67 NCAA tournaments, which began in 1939.

Where can people find free poker tournaments?

There are many poker tournaments offered on line. Some are offered through Internet service providers. For example, AOL hosts POGO games, which has many gaming options. There are also many links on the web that offer poker and other casino games. (edit) 888 poker pokerstars partypoker american card room they offer free tournaments everyday.

How many tournaments did Tiger Woods play in 2008?

7 tournaments on the PGA Tour 1 tournament on the European Tour 8 total tournaments worldwide

Are there professional senior golf tournaments?

Yes! it's called the senior tour, and it has many tournaments.

How many tournaments does it take to go to the championship game?

It depends in what tournaments you are talking about. And also, you can never tell, because it depends on how many there are.

How many tournaments must a person play to qualify for a grand slam tournament in tennis?

It is not as much about how many tournaments you have played, as how you have done in those tournaments and the number of points you have earned.

How many volleyball tournaments has Misty May won?

During the Career of Mistay May she has played in many tournaments placing anywhere from 1st place to 25th place. All in all, she has won approximately 110 tournaments.

How many wild card teams enter NFL playoffs?

Four - two from each conference.

How many golf tournaments has Tiger Woods entered?

Tiger Woods has won 70 PGA tournaments to date.

How many NCAA tournaments has Penn state basketball made it to?

penn state made it to 5 tournaments so for

How many tournaments has tiger woods played?


How many golf tournaments did Sam Snead win?

He won 165 professional tournaments, 82 of which were PGA Tour victories.

How many world cup 2010 tournaments have been held?

there has been 19 world cup tournaments so far.

Can you enter martial arts tournaments without being in a martial arts class?

Some tournaments are labeled as "open" which means that anyone from any system of Martial Art may enter. If you have no experience, you might be permitted to enter as a white belt or novice. However, in many open events, there is often no way to verify what rank or level a competitor might be, so it is up to the individual to be honest or face the possibility of getting hurt (tournament rules usually require signed liability waivers for adults, and parent's permission for children under 18). Most sanctioned tournaments require some proof of rank and affiliation with a legitimate school so that a student is not mismatched with someone of much greater skill, which could result in serious injury.

How many tournaments are there in the football world cup?

There are